10 Skincare mistakes I am guilty of making


by Tatiana Dias

Being a 90’s child, I distinctly remember a time when skincare was never the protagonist in anyone’s daily narrative. It was merely a side character hiding behind the curtains, waiting for its cue. I initially recall my routine to be a pasty combination of skin cleanser and facial creams. At the risk of sounding like that aunty, it was all about ‘natural beauty'. Maybe I am exaggerating a tad –– after all, it was the 90’s slash early-2000’s, and not the 1940’s. Nevertheless, the route to glowing skin was predominantly about solving issues, rather than preventing them.

At a time when fairness creams, benzoyl-peroxide spot treatments, and fix-it-all anti-ageing creams were all the rage, it was easy to get swayed. After all, I was part of a generation that gullibly believed a certain whitening cream could alter your genes, and body soaps worked wonders for your face too. In retrospect, getting swayed also meant committing heinous skincare crimes I really wish someone had reprimanded me for sooner. In this case, ignorance wasn’t all that bliss.

So here I stand today, admitting my guilt to committing the following disgraceful skincare crimes. I am embarrassed and I am apologetic. As I take this oath to never repeat my mistakes, I’d encourage you to learn from me and never do the same. Never.


Skincare Confession #1 - Washing My Face Three To Four Times A Day 

This one is for all the people with an oil mine for a complexion. I admit to washing my face with a salicylic heavy face wash, three times in a day! Why? Because who needs oil right?! This not only aggravated my ongoing acne issues, but also made my skin super dry and flakey. Over cleansing your skin doesn’t help keep it squeaky clean, it only strips it off of all natural oils. Twice a day is enough, no matter what your skin type.


Skincare Confession #2 - Using Ice To Kill My Acne

Why God why? While this trick is good to depuff your face in the morning, applying ice to pop that pimple isn’t the most ideal beauty hack. Yes, it is great for inflammation, but applying an ice cube directly to the blemished area without a cloth covering it will cause your acne to burst and then scar.


Skincare Confession #3 - Skipping Moisturizer

This skincare crime caused me more damage than I could even fathom. No matter what your skin type (including oily skin), moisturizing is absolutely essential. I assumed that someone with skin as oily as mine didn’t require the extra serving of grease. Boy, was I wrong! Your skin needs moisturizer to protect its barrier and prevent it from trying to produce extra oil. Extra oil plus dirt and grime equals to clogged pores –– which often leads to breakouts. Read more: How to choose the right moisturizer for your skin.


Skincare Confession #4 - Using Abrasive Scrubs

This was a fad a lot of 90’s children are guilty of following. The presumption? The more abrasive a scrub, the cleaner your skin would be. We were clearly misinformed. The tiny chunks of walnut or apricot in those dreaded tubes (not naming names here, but you know what I am talking about), actually cause microtears in your skin. Yeah, they’re literally scrubbing away the layers so it’s better to steer clear. Read More: FAQs on Exfoliation: A Beginners Guide.


Skincare Confession #5 - Trying DIY Hacks

Lemon? Bad. Baking soda? Even worse. Toothpaste? Don’t even get me started. There are some things that are really not meant for the skin. I admit to having tried everything under the sun in the name of skincare. With that being said, DIY with harsh ingredients like baking soda and lemon really does more damage to your skin than you can imagine. It’s best to leave skincare to the experts and go with products that are clean, rather than dousing your face with potent ingredients that can be harmful.


Skincare Confession #6 - Not Giving Products Enough Time 

When it comes to what’s best for your skin, patience is key! Products need time to work cohesively with your skin, and they need even more time to show results. Nothing happens overnight, and switching immediately between products is only going to confuse your skin even more.


Skincare Confession #7 - Using Anything and Everything

...and that brings me to my next point. I was young, dumb, and not-so-broke, which lead me to buy and try anything and everything! Not reading labels and falling for marketing gimmicks was my strong suit. Kills acne in a day? Why not! Tackles oily skin? Sure, you have my money. Without understanding what works for my skin and what doesn’t, I put my trust in chemically heavy products, only to be left with disappointment and a huge hole in my pocket. Read More: To know what your skincare products contain.


Skincare Confession #8 - Washing My Face before Washing My Hair

This one is actually quite recent, as I would always use the ‘two minutes conditioner time’ to wash my face and body. If you’re washing your hair, always make sure you wash your body and face after you’re done rinsing off your conditioner or hair mask. This’ll ensure that you remove any unnecessary hair product from your face and body, and will prevent it from clogging your pores or causing a reaction.


Skincare Confession #9 - Touching My Face On Good (And Bad) Days

It’s tempting, I know! On the good days, I would often find myself running my fingers up and down my cheeks –– the ‘smooth as a baby’s bottom’ feeling would induce a tiny win in my head, only to result in a pimple the next day. And touching it post that would only mean that I was spreading the bacteria. Keep calm and keep those hands away!


Skincare Confession #10 - Relying On SPF Makeup

Covers my blemishes, evens out my skin tone, and protects me from the sun?! Hell, yes! No. SPF in makeup is as good as not applying any SPF at all. It’s like trying to guard your house with puppies –– they’re cute to look at, but God forbid a burglar tries to break in, they aren’t going to stop them from looting your house. Relying on SPF in your makeup won’t protect your skin from harmful UV rays at all. Invest in a good sunscreen that’ll do the job for you, instead! Read more: Importance of sunscreen in every day.


Tatiana Dias’ skincare journey began all thanks to her long standing battle with acne. Then on, she learnt to be comfortable in her own skin, yet give it all the TLC possible — and that’s what started her serious love affair with beauty writing. She’s written for magazines like Femina, ELLE India, and Vogue India.


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