FAQs on Exfoliation - a beginners guide


by Priya Daga

The benefits of exfoliation - instant glow, younger-looking skin, a more even skin tone, reduced acne breakouts, and delay in skin aging - are pretty well known today. No surprise that today you will find at least one scrub or peel in most bathroom cabinets. This journal entry answers frequently asked questions on exfoliation. We hope some of the answers help you choose the right exfoliator and use it the right way.

Q1 - Why should you exfoliate skin?

As we age, the rate at which our skin sheds off dead cells starts to slow down due to a combination of biological aging and external stressors. As a result, dead cells accumulate on the skin surface, making it appear dull, dry, dark, and rough. Exfoliation helps speed up the shedding of dead cells, allowing younger and healthier cells to take their place and instantly give your skin a naturally more youthful and radiant glow.

Further, exfoliation preps skin for deeper penetration of subsequent products such as cream or serum and improves their efficacy.


Q2- How does exfoliation help slow skin aging?

Regular exfoliation helps stimulate collagen production, which then helps keep your skin elastic and tight and, in turn, prevent fine lines and sagging. 


Q3 - Can exfoliation help in reducing post-acne scarring?

Exfoliation helps turnover highly pigmented cells (keratinocytes with excess melanin) quicker than otherwise, allowing even out the skin tone faster. Not only spots but regular exfoliation by stimulating skin cell production can also help minimise the appearance of pore size


Q4 - How often should I exfoliate my skin?

If you are new to exfoliation, we strongly recommend that you start once a week, observe the changes in your skin, and then if you feel comfortable, increase the frequency as per your skin type


We have seen some users get over-excited by instantly gratifying results of exfoliation. However, over-exfoliating can increase your skin's sensitivity. Also, over time, over-exfoliation can thin the skin and cause it to wrinkle faster. Consult your skin aesthetician or dermatologist on the type and frequency of exfoliation before use.


Q5- Which one is better physical or chemical exfoliation?

The answer is - it depends on your skin type, mood, and condition. Physical exfoliators or scrubs with grains are better suited for combination, oily (without active acne), or thick skin types. Make sure you pick a facial scrub with a grain size less than 0.5mm so that it doesn't damage the skin. A rightly formulated chemical exfoliator is more gentle than a physical scrub and hence more suitable for mature skin types or skin with active acne. 

PS: Aminu's face scrub & body scrubs contain natural scrubbing agents such as salt crystals, sugar, virgin grounded coffee beans, and Aminu's AHA Power Peel contains glycolic acid with a high therapeutic index.


Q6- What are the essential dos and don'ts of exfoliation?

  • Do not over-exfoliate. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility
  • Exfoliate Gently. The skin on your face should be treated gently, using only as much pressure as is required to move the product around your face.
  • Always do a patch test before using any new product. While it's normal for peels to give a tingling sensation and redness on the application due to increased blood flow in your face. However, if the sensation lasts for more than 30 minutes, don't use that product
  • Exfoliate at night. While sleeping, our body is in repair mode, and thus exfoliating just before sleeping makes it easier for our body to replenish with new cells
  • After exfoliation, apply your serum and cream. Read more about how to choose a treatment (cream/serum)
  • Make sure you put on sunscreen before you step out in the sun. Read more about the critical role of sun protection in your daily skincare regime


If any of your questions are still unanswered please drop an email to care@aminu.life and I will be more than happy to answer and feature the question here. Meanwhile. you can explore Aminu's complete range of unique scrubs and peels. In case you need help you can always talk to Aminu's skin aestheticians to discover the best exfoliator for your skin. 


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this journal are those of the authors and are for information purposes only and not medical advice. Further, they do not reflect the opinions or views of Aminu Wellness Pvt Ltd or any of its directors. Any content provided by the author(s) are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anyone, or anything.



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