Intelligent Skincare Lesson 3 : Why you may have irritated skin?


At times, our skin becomes irritated or sensitized because of using unsuitable ingredients/ products. In this third lesson of Intelligent Skincare, we focus on how to tell if particular skincare is (not) working for you.

by Priyanka Bhandari


Lesson 3: Move on from a product that is not working for you

If a product is not working for you, change. Every skin is different, and what worked for your friend may not work for you no matter how popular the product is. When a product or ingredient is not compatible with your skin, the skin reacts differently. Based on our experience of dealing with multitudes of cases, we have summarized the five most common signs that your current regime is not working for you -

Oily/Acne skin starts to feel dry and flaky - If while using "anti-acne products" or "for oily-skin" products, your skin starts to feel dry or flaky, then take that as a sign that the product is not suitable for your skin. Anti-acne products are supposed to regulate your sebum (oil) production and not dry out your skin to the bone. There are products in the market that will help you effectively manage acne without carpet bombing your skin such as Aminu's Clarifying Concentrate.
Skin feels stretchy - No skincare product is supposed to make your skin dry or stretchy. In case your skin feels extremely dry and stretched after using a product (cleanser or exfoliator), take that as a sign that the product is too harsh on your skin, and it's time to find a new cleansing/exfoliating buddy.
Uneven skin texture and patchy makeup - If you find discoloration on the skin or if the makeup doesn't spread evenly and instead gives a patchy look, then take that as a sign that something is wrong with your current skincare regime. Dry, rough skin and uneven tone are mostly due to the accumulation of dead skin, which happens when it is not adequately exfoliated and nourished. Try Aminu's Overnight Peel.
Extra greasy skin - Believe it or not, excess greasiness on your skin despite regular cleansing could be a sign of extremely dehydrated or over-exfoliated skin. Wrongly formulated cleansers or exfoliators often dehydrate skin, which stimulates the skin to produce more oil to compensate for the loss. 

Rashes - This one's kind of a no-brainer. Rashes (not to be confused with temporary warming or tingling due to increased micro-circulation) are among the most common indicators that your skin is not compatible with one or more of the ingredients in one of your current products. Identify the product and stop using it and avoid that ingredient in the future.
Tiny red or white bumps - If you see little red or white bumps on your face from around the time you started using a new skincare product, take that as a red flag and should stop using it.


          Is warming or tingling sensation a sign of incompatible skincare?

          Products with high active concentration increase blood circulation in your face which can cause your face to become flushed and/or give a tingling sensation for a while. This is perfectly normal and is a sign that your skin is responding to the nutrients. Ideally, the tingling and blood rush should settle within minutes. However, if your skin feels as if it is on fire and the redness doesn't settle even after 30 minutes, then rinse your face, apply a soothing cream and avoid using that product.

          In case you have questions about Aminu's products or you want to understand your skin better and get a personalized regime, please do reach out to Aminu's team of skin aestheticians via chat or social media.


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