Nordic Mud Face Mask: Gorgeous Skin is just five minutes away


Nordic Mud Mask


by Priya Daga

Imagine a day when you wake up at 8:00 AM only to check your email, which says, "Urgent zoom meeting at 8:15 AM - Attendance Compulsory". This triggers a certain emotional reaction inside your head because you are a person who is an aficionado of perfection. Be it your office attire or your home décor, everything has to be in place, and if not, you might end up in an argument with yourself.

You are already running late and have only 5 minutes to get ready. So, you frantically remove your night cream, wash your face with cold water, pat it dry with a towel and apply the mud face mask, which takes just five minutes to give an instant glow that makes others envy your skin.

As a holistic, self-care company, Aminu has always committed to providing a solution that is natural, super effective, and easy to use. Resultantly, we created a nordic mud face mask that can energize and oxygenate your skin and make it glow as if you had a 1-hour elaborate facial at a salon.

Party ready or Office ready - 5 minutes is all it takes with Aminu’s Nordic Mud Mask by your side. 

What is Nordic Mud?

The beauty of Scandinavia lies in its rich natural resources and that is when certain humans from India decided to travel and see for themselves. After spending a considerable amount of time into research and development, they came up with a mud face mask that is enriched with minerals and nutrients that can only be found in the cold, Nordic ground. And the nordic mud face mask from Aminu was born. 

A rare combination of Nordic Peat, Black Silt, Green Silt and Peppermint Hydrosol is what this nordic mud face mask comprises of. And India is yet to witness the magic of it. The unique blend of these ingredients makes this product a wonder in skincare as it detoxifies the skin, energizes it, and gives it an instant glow. Now you may ask why use such a fancy nordic mud mask when you can use Multani Mitti or Kaolin so easily available in India. The reason lies below.

Nordic Mud Mask

The nordic mud face mask by Aminu primarily consists of -

Nordic Peat 

Unlike kaolin or bentonite clay, nordic peat is rich in active ingredients such as fulvic acid that is the key to healthy, glowing skin. This, combined with the high concentrations of humic acids and minerals, penetrates deep into your dermis that helps in promoting cell turnover while rejuvenating your natural defense mechanisms.

Black Silt

These freshwater sediments pull out toxins and impurities while nourishing the skin with the right nutrients. This helps in improving the surface characteristics of the skin, thus improving skin tone and moisture levels instantly. Its regular use helps promote cell oxygenation that imparts freshness, firmness, and skin uniformity.

Green Silt

Collected from the depths that lack oxygen, the green color is rich in chlorophyll. This, combined with carotenoids derived from the blue-green algae, invigorates cellular metabolism resulting in a detoxifying and hormone balancing effect on the skin, thus improving its texture and brightening its tone. 

Peppermint Hydrosol

The antibacterial properties of this botanical water remove the excess sebum, thus helping in purifying the skin. Additionally, it freshens up the skin while also restoring its natural tone and radiance.

What are you waiting for?

This holistic, natural, and effective nordic mud face mask can act as the perfect remedy for your skin woes. If time is your biggest constraint and looking for nothing less than a perfect product is your biggest priority, this product is for you.

Order it now and or chat with us to know more about the products and give your skin the care that it deserves.


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