The secret to naturally hydrated skin


by Aman Mohunta


Do you ever wonder what made your grandma’s skin so supple, elastic, and hydrated without using an intense skincare regime? Well in healthy environmental conditions and a stress-free lifestyle, the skin can stay hydrated and healthy on its own because of a strong and well-functioning NMF. 


What is NMF? 

NMF or Natural Moisturising Factor is found in the upper part of the epidermis and is made up of water-absorbing compounds such as amino acids, lactates, pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (PCA), urea, sugar, and peptides. If you want healthy, hydrated, nourished skin then protecting, strengthening, and supporting your skin’s NMF is very important.


Why is NMF important?

Hydrates skin: NMF is the difference between healthy nourished skin and dry flaky wrinkled skin. NMF components absorb moisture from the air, even at low humidity, and provide hydration to the upper layers of our skin. NMF also plays a critical role in maintaining adequate moisture levels in your skin. Simply increasing the water content in your skin won’t make it healthy and elastic. If that was the case you could have just sat in a bathtub for hours once every week and voila your skin will be hydrated. But instead doing that will make your skin all wrinkly.

Improves skin’s elasticity: A well-hydrated NMF also increases the elasticity of our skin by reducing the intermolecular forces between skin cells and also prevents it from cracking and flaking.

Help shed old skin cells and keep skin young: NMF also activates enzymes that help in breaking and shedding old and dead skin cells so that younger cells can come on the surface. Increased cell turnover (i.e. shedding of old skin and production of new cells) keeps skin young.


    How can I strengthen my skin’s NMF?

    1. Make sure you regularly use a moisturizer or serum that has ingredients that can strengthen the NMF (peptides, naturally occurring amino acids) and also provide it hydration (hyaluronic acid, glycerine). If you have dry skin then your skin tends to lose water faster due to a weak lipid barrier and thus you should use creams that provide deep hydration such as Aminu's Hydrating Cream.
    2. You can also use peptide-based toners that provide hydration and at the same time strengthens NMF of your skin.
    3. Avoid excess use of harsh soaps or cleansers as that can reduce the NMF levels in your skin.
    4. Avoid over-exfoliation as too much exfoliation can remove the NMF containing upper layers of your skin.
    5. Avoid using products that contain drying alcohol as that can reduce NMF in addition to damaging the acid mantle of your skin.



      Do you regularly wear waterproof makeup for long hours?

      If the answer is yes, it is very important that before makeup you use a cream/serum that provides deep hydration and strengthens NMF so that your skin remains healthy and nourished and your makeup looks flawless.  Let me explain. As we discussed earlier, NMF absorbs moisture from the air and provides hydration to the upper layers of your skin. Waterproof makeup if worn for long hours on a regular basis can cut off the moisture supply to the upper layers of your skin. Lack of hydration will not only make it dry and flaky but also reduce its elasticity and youth.



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