Why vegan skincare is better?


Have you ever noticed that little squiggly symbol on Aminu's website? It may be small, but it holds power - signifying that you’re helping to save the planet and your skin. 


What is vegan skincare? 

When we think about skincare, animal products don't immediately come to mind, at least not like with food or drink. We often overlook many basic ingredients in the most popular beauty products are not vegan.

Vegan skincare means no ingredients in a skincare product come from animals (like tissues and joints) or animal byproducts (such as honey). Also, vegan skincare doesn't mean that everything comes from plants. The core principle of vegan skincare lies in its commitment to animal welfare, ethical practices and a better environment. It represents a kinder and more thoughtful approach to self-care!


How to ensure a formulation is vegan?

Creating a vegan skincare product involves carefully choosing an ingredient's source (for example, lab-made hyaluronic acid over other versions) and then substituting one ingredient for another. For example, using carnauba wax instead of beeswax, or vegetable glycerin instead or regular glycerin. 

100% Vegan

Why we create vegan skincare?

Aminu is a high-performing, clean skincare designed to help you nourish your skin and nurture yourself. As a holistic practitioner, Prachi, R&D head & co-founder of Aminu, wanted to create solutions that are thoughtful for people, pets and the planet. Hence formulated a product line that is free of harsh ingredients, micro-plastics, and animal-derived products. Thanks to advanced technologies and our next-generation formulas, you won't have to compromise on quality and effectiveness. Also, it is such a beautiful feeling to know that no animals were harmed in the making of your product. 

At AMINU, all our skincare products are certified vegan and cruelty-free, as we are committed to 100% ethical beauty and well-being. 


What are benefits of vegan skincare?

Choosing the right skincare product can be a journey of trial and error, but it's worth it in the end. 

1. Good for environment and animals: Choosing vegan products means you're being mindful of the creatures we share our planet with and the impact that sourcing animal byproducts can have on our environment. 

2. Equally effective: Animal ingredients have yet to be proven to be superior, and wholesome vegan alternatives exist. Vegan formulas and ingredients can be just as effective as non-vegan ones.

3. Work better for your skin: Vegan products are kind to your skin. The performance of vegan skincare products is superior because they generally have fewer ingredients (and no chemicals), which are less likely to irritate or aggravate any skin conditions.

4. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants: Because vegan skincare is plant-based or derived from plants, it has a stronger dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Thus, more effective in maintaining healthy skin. 

While vegan skincare products are a conscious and ethical choice, their effectiveness on your skin type may vary. Keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to certain ingredients. For example, petroleum-based products may harm some due to man-made chemicals, and natural oils derived from nuts or seeds can trigger sensitivities in others.


How do vegan ingredients are better than non-vegan ones?

Honestly, not all practices used to derive animal byproducts are harmful to animals. However, realizing that every ingredient we source (whether animal-based or plant-derived) impacts the planet. The beauty industry's current production rate is depleting some sources, causing irreversible damage to ecosystems. Animal agriculture industry contributes significantly to pollution, dead zones in oceans and deforestation. It requires masses of grain, water and land. 

Opting for vegan products shows awareness of animal welfare and the impact of byproducts on our environment. According to a study from the University of Oxford, a vegan diet can reduce our carbon footprint by as much as 73%. 

Read more about the study


At Aminu, we're committed to creating solutions that echo our care for your skin and the Earth, offering 100% vegan and cruelty free products. Explore our range today.



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