A product first approach

Aminu is build on fundamental understanding of skin (dermatology), ingredients (chemistry & biology) & human senses (neurosciences). Aminu's reason of existence is to make products that help you achieve & maintain heatlhy, naturally radiant, every youthful skin.

Constant Innovation

Constant Innovation

We constantly strive to deepen our knowledge of the basic sciences that govern skincare & their intersections such as psycho-dermatology to bring you unparalleled high performing, clean (safe) and planet friendly skincare.

Solution for every skin

At Aminu, there is a solution for every skin type and concern. Backed by personalised consultation, we make sure your skin gets the love & skincare it needs and not what google or social media trends are saying.

High Performance powered by nature, delivered by science

We scout the infinite goodness of nature from all over the planet and then deploy the latest extraction techinques & delivery mechanisms to deliver on our promise of heathly skin for everyone.

Multi-functional & holistic care

All Aminu products contain multiple actives careffully chosen in such a way that together they make sure that the skin is getting holistic nourishment. Fewer but multi-active products mean skincare becomes a hobby and not a chore for you.

Clean & plant friendly

We have adopted a strong definition of clean beauty which means we dont use micro-plastics in our products, single use plastic in our packaging. High perfomance but not at the cost of your long term heatlh of the planet.

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