A range of skin solutions that understands..

A range of skin solutions that understands..

  • what your skin needs.
  • what it needs now.
  • what it will need tomorrow.
  • what it needs season to season.
  • what it needs in the morning & what it needs at night.
  • what it needs when things go wrong and what it needs when things go right.
  • when it needs to calm down, when it needs an energy boost.
  • when it needs extra care. when it needs special care.
  • when it needs something for no reason at all.

We are all about Skin Health!

Aminu combines the best of science and art to give you the healthiest skin possible. We're inspired by everything, from superfoods' nutritional richness to microbiology's captivating intricacies, material sciences, art and culture.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to have effective yet gentle skincare every day, without any hassle or guesswork and to make you feel healthy and confident every time you use Aminu!

We're all about balance here! We carefully select our ingredients to make sure our formulas are gentle and easy on al skin moods. Plus, we have a list of over 1,350 not-so-friendly ingredients that we never use!

We take skincare's best ingredients and innovations to create high-performance formulas that offer multiple benefits, simplifies your skincare routine and brings a smile to vour face.

Our skin has different needs at different times, so we've crafted multi-functional solutions that are good for you, the planet, and even your furry friends.

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