Burning question this summer - Is your skin getting drier?


So many of you have reached out to us recently about your skin feeling increasingly dry in the last few weeks. You are not alone.

Dry skin in summer is now more common than you might think... one of the many effects of Climate Change that each of us is living through. Intense heat, UV rays, air pollution, increased humidity, and air conditioning are silent, invisible attackers that prey on the skin. They cause inflammation, irritation, dry, itchy skin, burns, discolouration, premature ageing and leave some irreparable damage.

So how can we best enjoy the season and minimize any potential damage? Here are some true, tried and tested tips :
Summer Skincare
  • Hydrate: Drink more water, cooling fluids
  • Cleanse: Choose a pH-balanced, barrier-repairing cleansing formula because of all the dirt, sweat, and pollution our skin comes into contact with skin and clogs pores.
  • Treat & Prevent: The Longevity Serum and Hydrating Cream have been a duo that has helped countless people maintain healthy skin, especially during the summer. Longevity Serum is like a tall glass of vitamin water for irritated summer skin, also super rich in antioxidants and protectors And; the blue hydrating cream is formulated to be effective in soothing the skin through naturally active ingredients + molecular film technology and in carrying not only for sun damage but also post-shaving and pore and acne care. When used in conjunction, these two products are the best source of relief after some time in the sun. While one works to provide soothing for any burning or redness, the other works to bring back nutrients to the skin so that any pigmentation or sores can regenerate faster.
  • Seal It In: It sounds counterintuitive, but I recommend adding a few drops of oil to seal the deal. By pressing 2-3 drops of the Radiance Face Oil over the cream, you’re creating an additional barrier of moisture to lock in all of the antioxidants and work hard to combat free radicals and soften fine lines.
  • Protect: SPF, SPF, SPF (consistently all year round, not just in summer)

Also, when the weather is warmer, our bodies produce more sweat to help cool the skin down and can trigger our sebaceous glands to produce more oil. So, if you have oily skin all year-round, especially during the summer months (when there is increased oil and sweat production), try following a skincare regime that helps regulate the skin’s oil production (such as Aminu’s Clarifying Concentrate and Skin Perfecting Serum).

Hope this helps you take better care of your skin in the coming months. In case you have more queries, talk to our team and they will be more than happy to help you answer them and design a routine best suited for your unique skin mood & goals.



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