Can Himalayan Pink Salt really benefit the skin?


by Urvi Shah


01. Introduction

02. Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt on Skin

03. Aminu's Himalayan Pink Salt Face Scrub

04. Pro tips: For exfoliating with Face Scrub


SALT - the sea is full of it, and so is our body. It is one of the vital components of our diet, and it also has incredible benefits in skincare products. It has diverse benefits like detoxifying, exfoliating, re-mineralizing, healing, and as a preservative. Salt dries things out, but conversely, helps hold moisture in. However, all salts are not created equal, but the pure and clean ones are different. One of the most famous clean and ancient (to be specific, more than 200 million years old!) face and body salts include mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt. This essential salt works magically for the skin as it is loaded with valuable minerals that help revive the skin from damages naturally. 

Himalayan Pink Salt, the purest and most natural salt on earth, mainly found on the foothills of the mountain range of Himalaya, offers various skin and health benefits. The beauty benefits of this salt may literally blow your mind. Let us dive in to know more about what the Himalayan pink salt has to offer.


5 Incredible Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for Skin

To learn how to use this magical element in your skincare routine, you must be aware of its benefits. So here are the top 5 benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for Skin. 

  1. Magical Mineral Content: The Himalayan pink salt consists of 84 minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, iodine, fluoride, zinc, chromium, manganese, cobalt, and gold. The mineral content of the salt balances the pH levels of the skin, detoxifies impurities, and helps the skin muscles contract, calm, and relax.2. Moisturises and Softens: The presence of multiple minerals in Himalayan pink salt helps retain the moisture level of the skin while exfoliating the skin naturally. Minimizes skin imperfections: Using Himalayan pink salt skincare products can treat and decrease the visibility of blemishes, blackheads, fine lines, and acne scars.
  2. Rejuvenates the skin: Along with minimizing skin imperfections, Himalayan pink salt also helps to give your skin a youthful and radiant look.
  3. Promotes even skin tone: Exfoliating your face and skin with Himalayan pink salt scrub may assist to lighten and even out the overall skin tone. 
Want to rob in all the benefits of Himalayan pink salt for skin and face?
Then, look at the meticulous formulation of Aminu's microdermabrasion like Face Scrub with fine Himalayan salt. 

The Power of Aminu's Himalayan Pink Salt Face Scrub for Exfoliation

Despite the differences in our skins' needs, we all have one thing in common: a longing for baby-like soft and radiant skin. Do you agree? Then, adding exfoliation to your day time or night time skincare routine could help you achieve radiant skin. Proper exfoliation can enhance the penetration and effectiveness of your other therapeutic skincare products and make your skin look healthier and glowing.

Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits  

Believing in preventive and curative skincare solutions for various skin issues, Aminu's Himalayan Face Scrub formulation is unique as well as sustainable. It’s a blend of fine and pure Himalayan pink salt in a base of rich moisturizing oil like Tahitian Monoi, Romantic Rose, and Coniferous Pine that eliminates tired dead cells and helps one achieve hydrated, plumper, and younger-looking skin. This formulation is specially designed for dry, dull, and tired skin. If you are experiencing flaky and rough skin, you must undoubtedly try the scrub.    Aminu's Himalayan Face Scrub contains essential fatty acids extracted from seed oils and other oil infused with herbs plus vitamins that hydrate the skin thoroughly and reduce skin inflammation.  Must Check: FAQs on Exfoliation: A Beginners Guide

Pro Tips after Exfoliation with Himalayan Pink Salt Face Scrub:

  • Don't forget to moisturize your skin after exfoliation. You can use any hydrating moisturizer such as Aminu's Hydrating Cream.
  • Start slow - It is advised to start once or twice a week. Ideally, you'd want to exfoliate two or three times a week for optimum results but take your time to reach there.
  • The utmost essential step in a skincare regime while you're exfoliating is to apply sunscreen every day.    


      It is essential to select the right ingredients and best skincare products for your skin that can serve your skin effectively. Now that you know the benefits of Himalayan pink salt for skin, are you ready to incorporate its use in your skincare regime?  Aminu's holistic and sustainable range of products derived from pure and natural ingredients helps attain the best skin health. Are you confused about which skincare products to choose? Then, you can chat online, consult and get all your doubts clarified from our skin experts. Are you ready to get onto the journey of healthy skin?  


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