Managing skincare with a busy lifestyle


by Priya Daga


Avanti Sharma (name changed), 34-year-old, IT Engineer by profession and mother of two, had this to say during our first conversation: “Where is the time for skincare? Every day I prepare breakfast, get the kids ready for school, travel in peak traffic-hour, rush from one meeting to another, get back home in peak traffic, take care of kids, and on top of that manage other social and family engagements. With the never-ending to-do list, there is no time left for my skincare regime. The frequency of salon visits has changed from monthly to quarterly and I had. I feel perennially exhausted and literally don't have time for myself. Luckily, I haven’t faced any post-pregnancy pigmentation but my skin looks dull, tired with prominent dark circles. Lately, to top it fine lines are also visible. I know I need to take proper care of my skin. But when and how??” 


Simple Skin Care Routine for busy lifestyle


Avanti’s thoughts would resonate with a lot of women, especially in the age group of 28-40. I understand that today women have to manage a lot of things and are always stretched for time. To take care of your skin, you don’t have to visit a beauty salon every week or follow a 10 step skincare regime every day but instead, you need to be regular with your basic regime (regular being the operative word). Here’re a few things that require little time and effort but will go a long way in keeping your skin healthy, young and radiant:

Step 1(2 min/day): Day Cream & sunscreen every morning 

Please make sure you put a broad-spectrum sunscreen on top of your day cream/aloe gel every morning no matter how busy you’re and even if you’re indoors to protect from 1) Sun’s UVA rays that penetrate windows of car, office & home, and 2) Blue light emitted by digital devices and LED lights – both are known for accelerating skin aging. The Aminu's Nutrient Day Cream is both treatment and a daily cream, which has the potent form of Vitamin C and botanicals extracted using various technologies to help even out skin and keep it brighten even in the busy schedule. Read ‘Wear sunscreen’ to know more.


Step 2 (3 min / day): Cleanse & treat every night

Cleanse your face every night before you hit the bed (must double cleanse if you are wearing makeup to get the best result out of your entire beauty regime) and then apply a serum or face oil or potent night cream to offset increased intrinsic (ageing) and extrinsic pressure on the skin. Because of skin's overnight tendency to heal, nighttime is also the perfect time to add cream loaded with more potent ingredients, like Aminu's Night Repair Cream which has Rumex, Caviar Lime, Kakadu plum (the richest source of vitamin C) that pumps up tired-looking skin. Select an oil / serum / cream treatment product that is best suited for your skin and works on multiple concerns and apply it every night. Wondering ‘when to start using anti-aging products?’.



Step 3 (5 min / week): Exfoliate once a week

Can’t go to salons regularly? Once a week, scrub your face for 5 minutes or put on a peel for 20min (PS: you can do other morning chores during these 20 minutes), to make sure your skin stays healthy, glowing, and smooth. Aminu’s ‘AHA Power Peel' is specifically designed to deliver professional facial results with a high safety bandwidth. Click here to know about exfoliation and how it is one of the most underrated skincare steps.


Aminu products are designed while keeping in mind the needs and lifestyle of multi-tasking, superwomen like Avanti. Each Aminu product has to meet four key requirements: deliver stellar results in a reasonable time, have high safety bandwidth, bio-degradable, and very easy to use. Talk to Aminu's aesthetician team to design a regime that suits your lifestyle, skin type, and concerns and help you keep your skin flawless, radiant, and ageless.

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